72 Hours of Trumpian Infection: Miraculous Comeback or Scam in Overdrive?

Today’s tweet — “Don’t be afraid of Covid” — which not only disrespects the deceased but lends credence for others to spread the virus, is loathsome.

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Friday, October 2, 2020: Entering chopper to Walter Reed Hospital.

Despite the fact Donald Trump has, allegedly, received better care than anyone alive, and despite the fact I use allegedly as lingering doubt still exists as to his condition, his apparent leaving Walter Reed Hospital today may well place all Americans at risk.

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Of course, we cannot ignore his underlying message not to be afraid of Covid.

Empathy holds no sway here. Fighting hate with compassion is not a “win” in this case.

I am tired of the b.s. faux morality debate.

If you believe his infection to be legitimate, for those of us who want Donald Trump to get well and recover fully from his illness, then it’s time to be honest about it. For those of us who do not want Donald Trump to recover from Covid, it’s time to be honest about it. Your toughest battle is your conscience. To mine, both thoughts have reason. Just be honest about yours, and don’t allow yourself be pressured into being anyone you’re not as you’re under no obligation to anyone but yourself.

For me, though I loathe him as a man and a leader I want him to fully recover. Part of that wish is humane. The other is selfish. I refuse to believe, for now, this was a well-orchestrated ploy as the global risk would have been far too strong. I want Biden in office and Trump to pay in any and all legal capacity for everything I have rehashed here on Medium and my social media over the last four years, including presently 210,000+ lives in collateral damage.

I want the vile bastard to get away with nothing, and not escape from anything.

I stand by my every word.

Two Secret Service men sat in the car with Trump today for a dog and pony show. Supposedly, Trump wanted to wave to his sycophants.

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No matter attendant Secret Service were possibly risking their lives, despite their masks, regardless of their implied duty to obey a president’s every whim.

The action, to appease Trump, was gravely wrong.

This was political theater and that’s all. Do you believe he cared about the drivers?

And also, have you noticed in the hospital videos — those someone is likely filming — he’s not wearing a mask?

Same old garbage message: Covid is nothing to worry about.

So many people now are saying he doesn’t have Covid at all, that it’s a scam. Indeed, Twitter didn’t help. This was published back on September 18:

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I’m already sick and tired of it all.

I posted the following on my Facebook page when I heard Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital tonight:

Because I retain a shred of humanity, I don’t want Trump to die.

But I want him to suffer. I want him to finally consider the over 205,000 Americans dead as something more meaningful than, “It is what it is.”

I want him to ponder all those friends and families of loved ones who had to attend virtual funerals this past year, because of a garbage-laden, self-serving non-response to the pandemic before giving up and surreptitiously flipping all responsibility in the matter to unprepared and unsupported state governors.

I want him to contemplate the totality of all his super-spreader rallies, his diatribes and actions calling for “liberation” while implying that mask wearing shows weakness, and his sycophants buying into his every message.

His family even took off their masks during the debate.

And, don’t get me going on “The Notorious RBG,” who while her body laid in state and a nation mourned, the Republican team was selling “The Notorious ACB” for Trump’s new Supreme Court pick, Amy Coney Barrett.

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I don’t believe Trump is faking his illness — though nothing is beyond him — as the world would become that much more destabilized.

But … as we’ve seen time and again, realistically Trump won’t contemplate a single thing.

Politically, those on my side need to move forward now stronger than ever. We have an election to win. It may be in bad taste, but right now the GOP is on the ropes and the opponent needs to take full advantage. If that’s cruel to you, so be it. To me, turning over the White House in four weeks remains a matter of life and death.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few … or the one,” as Spock quoted, with a bit of Vulcan flair at the end.

So today, while I’m seeing page after Republican page excoriating Biden over some bullshit or another, while at the same time hypocritically hoping us “lefties” show some class when it comes to Trump, well, I’ll repeat myself:

No, I don’t want Donald Trump to die. For the world’s sake or otherwise.

But I want him defeated, I want him to suffer, and I want him to pay dearly for the last four years over what he’s done to our country.

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The President of the United States, behind in polls, in a typical shot mugging for his sycophants.


If Trump’s illness truly is a scam … we’ll never know.

Regardless, let’s end this nonsense once and for all and reclaim a shred of decency in this country.

Or is that no longer possible?

Inquiring minds …

Thank you for reading.

Update 4:03PM Pacific: Trump has arrived back in the White House. The first thing he did was remove his mask for a photo opp.

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Joel Eisenberg is an award-winning author, screenwriter, and producer. The Oscar in the profile pic isn’t his but he’s scheming. WGA and Pen America member.

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