A Question That Must Be Asked: How Much Longer Should Anti-Trumpers Tolerate His Supporters?

Chaos Theory is real. Today’s iteration is comprised of lies, ongoing manipulation, incivility, walk backs, children torn from their families and in cages, government shutdowns, 800,000 federal workers not receiving their paychecks, Ukraine and Russia scandals, impeachment hearings ... and millions of gleeful sycophants who follow Donald J. Trump’s every lead. Still.

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Up yours too, Mr. President.

Since the beginnings of his candidacy, I’ve excoriated Donald Trump on a regular basis, but I have not held the same ill will towards conservatives in general.

And lately, I’m asking myself, “Why haven’t I?”

I consider myself a freethinker, not slave to any political party. I’ll be 56 years old on January 14, 2020, and in the interests of clarity over the years I’ve voted Democrat more often than not.

Many of my conservative friends (yes, I have conservative friends) have, to now, respected my thoughts on the matter as they’ve come to realize it is truly possible to be a conservative while not accepting the direction the current Republican president is taking our country, and our decency.

But those are my personal friends. Not my casual Republican acquaintances, many of whom believe that saying a word against Donald Trump is akin to blasphemy. To them, hating or badmouthing every last “liberal” or Democrat is by far the more important action.

And Democrats, it’s a two-way street. We do exactly the same thing, especially on social media, but for one notable difference: We simply do not support a presidential con.

Those on my side loathe this president, and truthfully many also loathe his continued supporters who are complicit in his disastrous reign, but very, very few of us “hate” all Republicans, many of whom cannot stand or tolerate Trump either.

But a substantial number of them would rarely, if ever, mention that in a public forum. They sure do privately, though, and from speaking to close to a dozen of them for this piece, with the promise of anonymity, they are by and large afraid to “come out.” And the present nonsense continues. The memes, the fake quotes, the ever-increasing revisionist history, I get it. You’d feel like you’re a “traitor” if you “like” or “accept” a liberal of any stripe.

Right? No different than those up-Trump’s-ass GOP lawmakers who are killing their party from the inside. Enablers do no one any favors.

“Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are engaged in a deep-state conspiracy theory,” they say. “The impeachment hearings are a scam.”

Why do I bother? Why should I listen anymore?

“What about all of Obama’s crimes? What about the Clintons?” Well, I was never a big fan of either Clinton, personally, though I voted for Hillary in the last election and would do so again if she was the nominee.

There are numerous (former, in these cases) GOP voters who several of us freethinkers appreciate and some of us like: Ana Navarro, Steve Schmidt, Nicolle Wallace — even Joe and Mika. Freethinkers one and all, not a one who believes Donald Trump is any sort of “conservative” or even remotely effective President.

And so they’re not voting for him in 2020.

They are not afraid to publicly acknowledge what’s been going on, and their bully pulpit — television — is sizable. Neither are they afraid to come out against Trump sycophants in Congress.

Yes, I watch MSNBC. But even several on FOX of late are questioning Trump’s fitness. What’s your problem, then, Sir or Madam Republican? Why can’t you? Why can’t you accept that not all “liberals” agree on an ice cream flavor, much less politics?

As I discussed in another article, I consider myself a die-hard liberal. I obsessively watch MSNBC and CNN while home, but to educate myself as to the other side’s mindset, I regularly listen to conservative talk radio while driving. See here:

It is far too easy for some of my ilk to say we are all the same and should preach tolerance. It’s easier that way, right? Makes us look that much more … open-minded in a way, huh?

But then I hearken back to 2018, about how “liberals” are now responsible for “banning” Charlie Brown, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” “Rudolph”…

About five minutes ago, I reread a recent news report that portrayed migrant children now having numbers written on their arms to track them.

Who said concentration camps could never return?

Regarding the “border wall,” it’s concrete. It’s not concrete. It’s steel. It’s fence. It’s concrete again. Tomorrow it’s … who knows? Will Trump declare a “national emergency?” He’s enough of a loose cannon. Again, who knows?

Has any new fence, in true reality as opposed to Trump’s reality, even been built yet?

To those on the other side, why do you simply accept this historical circle-in-the-making, the lies and manipulations? Once upon a time, “liberal” was not a dirty word. But, neither was “conservative.”

Dear Mr. Trump

As we say in Brooklyn, “It’s bullshit already.” As you are legacy-driven, allow me to cement what you’ve left behind because, well, it’s time:

  • So the government was shutdown for a spell earlier this year. We’ve had a temperamental, impulsive con man in the White House since 2016. It’s not as if we’ve had a functioning government since.
  • Dysfunctional? No doubt. At all functional? A matter of perspective. Nothing ever close to the “well-oiled machine” you’ve boasted of more than once.
  • “Our economy is the best it’s ever been,” is the argument. “Obama never had these wins. The criminal Clintons never did either.” Time to revisit history, I say.
  • We’ve lost our standing in the world. You have hobnobbed with and taken the side of dictators and killers. Was any of this truly for negotiation purposes, or to snuggle up for self-preservation and business interests?
  • You’ve rolled back nearly every Obama-era piece of legislation because you can.
  • Your intelligence departments, Mr. Trump, have been rendered meaningless. Your sycophants, both in and out of your administration, are numerous. Few, apparently, tell you “no.” Acknowledged, perhaps that’s an easy thing to get used to.
  • Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have that problem, though she’s certainly powerful. A woman. Go figure. She “grabbed you by the pussy,” looks like, when you first threatened your shut-down. Shook you a little bit, huh?
  • And then you held the country hostage to a b.s. campaign promise. Soon, she just may be responsible for your impeachment.
  • Asking you to look in the mirror is meaningless. You’ve made your decisions long ago. The New York Times — er, the “failed” New York Times — printed a Pulitzer-worthy exposé of your finances. It was news for five minutes, as we’ve become so numb to your scandals.
  • You’ve paid off at least one porn star and a Penthouse Pet, and in the case of the former you asked for hundreds of thousands of dollars in reimbursed legal bills.
  • The Republican lawmakers who remain up your ass are in survival mode, dog-paddling to support their party which you’ve already destroyed.
  • You’ve scared poor Lindsey Graham to death. He may lose his job if you’re not re-elected. No loss; I’ll credit you for that if it happens. Must have been a hell of a golf game.
  • Yes, you have indeed shown the world you were able to bend it in your image. That power you’ve strived for? You got it. I’m sure Daddy would be proud.
  • You shrug off our divisions, and say if you’re impeached your supporters will “revolt.” I’m certain many will attempt to follow your dog whistle, and you can then brag about the relative “calm” during your reign.
  • Exit stage-left and the repercussions of your quiet calls for a “Civil War” will be shoveled by Oval Office occupants for decades to come.
  • Climate change is still a scourge, but you have no belief in science. We pulled out of the Paris Agreement. You say we are now “getting raped by NATO” and are pushing to withdraw from that alliance too.
  • You manipulate every last sycophant who attends your rallies, but I do have hope. Your Twitter “likes” are lessening by the week.
  • You are neither the first son of a bitch to attain office, nor will you be the last. You are an embarrassment on a level that exceeds even Nixon, who was at least educated in the world of politics. A soft-hearted defense, there, though you’ve proven to be not only deliberate in your self-service, but ill-equipped to rise above.
  • Ignorance remains bliss.
  • You publicly insult everyone who disagrees with you. You hand an award to elderly Native Americans and quip about your “Pocahontas,” Elizabeth Warren.
  • What makes a man sell his soul? Did you sell your soul, or were you born without one?
  • We all know how we descended into this madness, a world that’s been divided from the get-go and, in many cases, hateful. You were voted in, and let everyone know those divisions were acceptable. Ever since, hate crimes have risen exponentially. And don’t spout off about your defense of Israel. Like anything else, it was financially motivated. (I say this as a Jew.)
  • Much of the world sees through the charade, however, hence the sharp rise also in anti-Semitic incidents since you’ve become president. The neo-Nazis love you.
  • And treason? How much of your candidacy really is due to your backdoor cooperation with Putin and his ilk? Our United States Presidency has been hijacked, and day-to-day it appears more and more clear that you have committed high treason. You have put all of us in danger, and continue to do so.
  • Ukraine is but the tip of the iceberg. Not that it or anything else save for money matters to you.
  • By the way? North Korea is still building missiles. You haven’t said too much about that of late. You’ve preferred to create an immigration invasion crisis, rip innocent kids from their families, and toss them into concentration camps en route to building a wall that you knew from the beginning Mexico would never pay for. I bring it up here as your non-stop deflections have not made me turn my head.

That’ll do it for now.

In Conclusion

Where does it end? Why can’t the Republicans break out of their Mr. Freeze moment and finally take action?

Economy before morality is the purview of the soulless.

There is a cancer in the U.S. Presidency. His name is Donald J. Trump.

With the acknowledgment that mutual dialogue is key to any real progress, I am nonetheless sincerely questioning my continued tolerance of anyone who gives you a pass.

Thank you for reading. I would love to know your thoughts. If you have found this story of value, feel free to *clap*, share, and follow me here on Medium, where I publish new stories daily on a variety of topics.

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Joel Eisenberg is an award-winning author, screenwriter, and producer. The Oscar in the profile pic isn’t his but he’s scheming. WGA and Pen America member.

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