Dear Billionaires’ Club: Can You Help Fund The 800,000-Plus Federal Workers Without a Paycheck?

To Mr. Buffet, Mr. Gates, Mr. Steyer, Mr. Cuban, Mr. Branson, and Friends, Would You Consider Stepping Up?

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Dear Billionaires,

You all know where we stand. You know what’s happening, and let’s just put aside partisanship for a moment. I won’t pander. Many of those 800,000+ federal workers who are not receiving a paycheck due to the government shutdown, including those such as the Coast Guard and TSA agents who do protect us from legitimate terrorism, are on the verge of losing everything for which they’ve worked so hard. They say they are living paycheck to paycheck, and this shutdown is having a deleterious effect on not only their finances, but also their families.

The Congressional stalemate may well be risking their lives.

Mr. Steyer, I’ve volunteered for your efforts and respect what you are doing. That said, can you take a momentary break from your impeachment expenditures and reroute some of those funds to those with the immediate need? Mr. Gates, your Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has done so much good for so many. Can these above families receive any of those gifts, without going through endless paperwork to get there? Mssrs. Buffet, Branson, and Cuban, can you help undo some of this damage?

(Richard, I know you don’t live here, but I’m asking anyway. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.)

J.K. Rowling, you’re not shy with your politics. I believe you may know Sir Richard? Respectfully, though we’re on the same page, it doesn’t matter unless that page can convince you to write a check. Care to help? Michael Jordan, anything?


To everyone reading this, I get that no one is entitled to your own hard-earned money, and who the hell am I to ask? I get it.

But I am asking, because this is the real national emergency.

I have no clue as to formalities. Is there a bank through which you could funnel several million each, to be dispersed among those employees truly working on behalf of the U.S.? They are still working, and not receiving a dime.

Would you work for free? I wouldn’t.

It is difficult for me to write this. I am resolutely anti-Trump myself, but as I mentioned the intent of this request is meant to appeal to you on a non-partisan level.

Who knows if any of you will see this, much less take it seriously. I’m sincerely hoping some of my celebrity friends will share this request or, better, paste it on the official Twitter feeds of others of a certain wherewithal.

A GoFundMe account can certainly be started, but the recipients are too dispersed.

Like I said, I have no clue as to a workable mechanism to get this done. But I’m sure with your influence, something will be figured out. Whatever it takes, this is a sincere plea for those who can afford to do so, to help those in need.

Thank you.


Joel Eisenberg

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