Flashpoint: Election Eve, 2020

A few random thoughts moving forward as we veer towards a seismic cultural shift

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Tomorrow is Election Day, 2020.

Today, I’m going to ramble. There will be no formal order to the words that follow, which will be just one long emotional riff ...

It was announced earlier this morning England is joining Germany and France in a new lockdown. I look upon this action as countries that do what they must to save lives, “civil liberties” aside.

This past weekend, a friend in Melbourne informed me they have been at zero Covid-19 cases in the prior four days. Among the reasons was a $5000 fine if one was caught breaking curfew.

We will soon learn, realistically, 40,000,000 to 60,000,000 Americans will vote for the incumbent President of the United States to re-up another four years. Give or take a few mil.

And that’s if he loses but think about it a minute.

That’s a whole hell of a lot of people.

Last Thoughts on Donald Trump, Pre-Election

I am constantly requested of my social media followers to block any and all Donald Trump supporters who read my page, especially when I receive a comment from them.

Though I am politically outspoken, what an utter waste of time that would be. We’re all in this together, and I will not play the game of division to the point this president has so relentlessly pursued. I am vociferously anti-Trump, and I make no secrets about it. But am I going to fret about getting rid of every last one on my social media pages because it’s the “right thing” to do for us Biden supporters?

No. Because doing so is bullshit that does little more than create an echo chamber for the rest of us.

The world is not an echo chamber, and we need to learn how to survive within it.

Those Trump supporters I have disallowed on my pages were blocked on an individual basis, which is how it will continue to be.

Reason for my madness: It’s high time to face harsh reality. And that is, Donald Trump has indeed created an untenable situation for the world that will ONLY touch the edges of recovery when we acknowledge we all exist.

In the meantime, reports of a possible “civil war,” “armed militias,” and “voter intimidation” will overtake our news stations over the next indeterminate period of time.

Co-existing implies somewhere along the line — well after the likely post-election violence shakes out, well after pride is reconsidered in the name of peace regardless of who was at fault and who was drinking who’s Kool-Aid — an olive branch will be extended, or one faction or the other be dominated, or we’ll break off and form our own union or a whole other America.

Those are the only three choices.

One that’s not a choice is we’ll all die off due to “civil liberties” non-mask wearing garbage.

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Our perpetrator-in-chief

60 mil votes or thereabouts … assuming we have a new President forthcoming.

Think about it. You’re gonna avoid them all? Each and every one?

Good luck.

Maybe I wish I could too. But I can’t, and I’ll fight smartly and protect to my last breath whatever I need to fight for — and against — and protect.

That’s a promise. But in the end, on repeat … we’ll still have to live together and work together, and my preferred America is one where we can, somehow, do exactly that.

I am going to try a conspiracy theory thing, as an aside.

The set up: Speaking to a friend yesterday: “You play chess,” he said. “Figure it out.”

So I tried to manage my anger and look at the whole Trump affair logically, as if engaged in a chess game.

I think I know what’s going on. In fact, I’d bet on it.

I believe Trump’s sincere goal is to split the country and run as large a faction as possible under Trumpism. That’s all. This way he’d be protected from his myriad legal issues as his base would protect him. From ‘Trump’s Army’ set to (try to) intimidate voters at the ballot box, to his addressing only his sycophants while consistently excoriating the ‘liberal’ left on down … that’s the goal.

If he wins the election, the dynasty has begun in his mind and a member of his family assumes the mantle when he dies. If he loses, he takes his ardent followers with him and continues on … still the de facto President to his loyal base.

And the dynasty begins from there while he dog whistles about a “coup” as he “never lost the election.” Until then, we have TWO nations, under God (Trump) with liberty and justice for all (of their individual members).

Do you honestly believe his most loyal base would accept anyone else as President?

I don’t think I’m far off. When I take emotion out of the picture, this is all that’s left.

Argue with me.

Are All Trump Supporters Racist?

I will likely disagree with many of you here regarding this sweeping generalization of Trump supporters.

If there is a violent outbreak as widely expected in the coming days, regardless of who wins, I’m going to shake my head in disdain based on how many who once called black rioters ”animals” during the Rodney King days — of which I was in the middle — now fight for what they say they believe … in this case based on a cult leader’s gibberish.

These same people today call BLM a “terrorist organization.”

Make no mistake. I have very little patience with Trump supporters of any stripe. My personal friends here will tell you. In person, I’m Facebook amped. That is, I never shut up about the con artist who took great pains to reinvent my country in his image.

But … there’s a complexity with me that does not auto-exclude any and all Trump supporter from my Facebook page, personal reasons aside.

  • There was the person who’s father was dying, who swears they despise the so-called president yet would vote for him because they believe he’s best for the economy. When I mentioned the angle about supporting a racist, the response was this: “I’d rather support a racist than lose my dad.” Simple, to the point. She is misguided as hell in my opinion and yet her dad was her best friend, who was always there for her. He passed two weeks ago, and she chose her perception of the economy over racism.
  • There’s another who swears Trump is not racist at all, that he’s an “outspoken New Yorker” which to me has always been an excuse. I loathe every last political comment this person makes, and I’m still trying to get through his thick skull that he’s enabling a racist who abdicated his responsibility as president in nearly every circumstance.
  • There’s a fellow Jew who believes above all else Trump supports Jews and Israel.

I can go on.

The point is, I’ve written so much, and I’ve marched and protested against racism. I’ve done the same about cults. I’ve helped turn some heads, according to the credit given to me by those who thanked me.


You know whose lives are in danger if violence breaks? Yours. Mine. Those we love. In the midst of a pandemic, thoughts of taking up arms on both sides to begin a new Civil War is sad.

I for one will not play the game of allowing this prick in office to pit Americans vs. Americans.

We’re stockpiling on food and water here, and I’ve encouraged my family to do the same. I will not, though, live a life of paranoia or fear.

At some point, we all need to talk. We all need to continue to educate.

And we’ll fail far more than we’ll win. I’ll let the system handle the fallout while continuing to run my trap (mouth) outside of social media. I need to be bigger, and make a bigger difference.

In a sense, the fight is just beginning. The intention is for my fight to be handled peacefully.

Never, ever, though, accept kindness for weakness. That old adage fits perfectly here.

So, to any Trump supporters reading this, be clear. I have no patience for a one of you … but I’m open-minded and old enough to realize evil is not a simple matter of “right” vs. “left.”

Final Thoughts on Joe Biden, Pre-Election

Here’s something I’m not going to do, and it’s a promise:

I will emphatically not hold up Joe Biden as some sort of god if he wins next week.

You know I voted for him, and for months have done what I can to convince you to do so too.

I expect Biden and Harris to work their asses off. I’m going to hold them up to account.

I believe in Biden. I’m not expecting a savior.

You shouldn’t either, because the minute we lose faith is the minute we divide further. We should all expect a gradual transformation, and not be disappointed if cleaning up the most hellacious mess in U.S. history takes time.

Which it will.

Speaking of, Trump can still win and our country in another four years may look like war zone Afghanistan.

And so my every fiber pulls for a Biden win, and I never want to write another fucking word about the con who fucked my country for as long as I live.

But once more, I don’t expect a savior. Joe Biden is a human being. I expect the first competent president in four years to take the job seriously. I expect a uniter.

I expect someone who goddamn tries.

That’s why I’m rooting for him.

But he is no god, and neither he nor any other human being deserves a cult.


Tomorrow may well forever change the course of the United States, the country of my birth.

I prefer to be neither unrealistic nor stupid about the scope, and repercussions, of this once-in-a-lifetime cultural flashpoint.

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For the record, I laughed at the above image when I saw it on Facebook. Then I considered the turbulent state of the world today and decided I could not think of another image best suited to make the statement that needs to be made to end this piece.

Thank you for reading, and please remain cautious and safe tomorrow.

Written by

Joel Eisenberg is an award-winning author, screenwriter, and producer. The Oscar in the profile pic isn’t his but he’s scheming. WGA and Pen America member.

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