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  • 🌬️Mitch


    Just the guy next door. Glad to meet you. Pull up a chair, let’s chat. I do stir the pot sometimes.

  • David Paul Kirkpatrick

    David Paul Kirkpatrick

    Founder of Story Summit & MIT Center for Future Storytelling, Pres of Paramount Film Group, Production Chief of Disney Studios, optimist, author and teacher.

  • Lavinia Thompson

    Lavinia Thompson

    Just an old garden witch who writes about murder, true and fictional.

  • Eva Rtology

    Eva Rtology

    AI-power for digital ART 🟣 evartology.medium.com/membership 🟪 Meet your Future ➡️ https://evartology.substack.com/

  • Blake Lemoine

    Blake Lemoine

    I'm a software engineer. I'm a priest. I'm a father. I'm a veteran. I'm an ex-convict. I'm an AI researcher. I'm a cajun. I'm whatever I need to be next.

  • Kurt Dillon

    Kurt Dillon

    Medium Top Writer — Owns the Medium Pubs ‘The Consummate Writer’ & ‘Politi-Porn’; English Prof., Writer & Author, 2 MSs — Journalism & Forensic Psychology

  • Attila Vágó

    Attila Vágó

    Pragmatic software engineer, editor, writer and occasional music critic. LEGO and Mac fan. Accessibility advocate. Life enthusiast. 10x+ Top Writer, 1M+ views

  • Jason Weiland

    Jason Weiland

    Personal essays with a good dose of blogging expertise thrown in— jasonjamesweiland@gmail.com

  • David Perlmutter

    David Perlmutter

    David Perlmutter is a freelance writer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

  • Ray Katz

    Ray Katz

    Internet pioneer and space flight history buff. But I’m most interested in stabilizing the Earth’s climate and promoting our common humanity.

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