Here’s the Problem: Donald Trump Has Passed into Legend

Our current U.S. President has already been immortalized as an American antihero and martyr, regardless of impeachment outcome.

  • That large percentage — likely in the forties — believe the Democrats are “sick” and “delusional,” while many Democrats consider Trump supporters as “cultists.”
  • Whichever percentage of voters loses this election will be devastated, and likely find it difficult to cope.
  • I’m 56 years old, never missed a vote since I was of age, and voted Democrat in the last election. I’ve voted GOP twice in my life. I’ve never switched affiliations, as I always support the party I believe would be best for office considering the current climate of the country. Who I’ve voted for primarily throughout my life, then, should further inform you where my judgement lies.
  • I do not trust a single current GOP lawmaker who defends President Trump under any and all circumstances.
  • I voted for Obama twice. I criticized him when due. I rarely see any devoted Trump supporting voter criticize him for anything at all.
  • Donald Trump has charisma. Barack Obama has charisma. Bill Clinton had charisma as a candidate and a President.
  • There is not a single remaining 2020 Democratic candidate who presently shares that charisma — again, in my opinion — and ignites and inspires a base as rabidly as does Donald Trump. The blue party is split among its current candidates: Some say Biden and Sanders are too old, Mayor Pete doesn’t have a foothold with black voters and is therefore unelectable, Andrew Yang doesn’t have a shot and no one is familiar with Deval Patrick, Amy Klobuchar is not well-liked, Tulsi is a “Russian asset,” Elizabeth Warren is radical and the billionaires are attempting to buy the election. Is anyone spotlighting issues other than Medicare for All? Can you quote me any of the candidates’ formal positions on gun control and foreign policy without visiting their websites? As Democrats will come together in the end and party voters will do what they must to keep Trump out of office, many will do so grudgingly as their candidate was not selected. Obama stood out from his field. No one here does so.
  • Some friends of mine do not understand how I can keep Republican friends considering the current country-wide polarization and my own outspoken behavior on the matter. I’m loyal and I’ve put old friendships ahead of politics because, in most cases, we can talk. We need to. They, as I, realize that Trump will not physically hold office forever. Most of my Republican friends dislike Trump and do not approve of his provocations and tactics. And some have publicly said so. They want a return to decent discourse, as do I. Though to me the means do not justify the end, and several of those friends, primarily women, have expressed a possibility of changing their vote this year, their perception of the current economy makes that decision a difficult one.
  • Those lifelong Republican friends of mine, regardless or in some cases because of their public views of Donald Trump, get similarly criticized for palling around with me.

Joel Eisenberg is an award-winning author, screenwriter, and producer. The Oscar in the profile pic isn’t his but he’s scheming. WGA and Pen America member.

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