How To Exponentially Increase Your Writing Income By Leveraging Your Medium Platform

Repost and Link. Rinse, Dry and Repeat.

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I joined in December of 2017 and wrote several articles over a period of three months during rehab from knee surgery. I am a writer-producer by profession. However, I could not focus on my more business-related creativity and so I experimented writing content for this alternate outlet, in addition to the better-known Medium.

Once the knee was healed, work resumed and I forgot all about Vocal. There was something about Medium’s format that was more suited to me.

A few weeks ago, however, I received an email from a friend. He asked me, “Wasn’t Vocal Media the other site you were writing for when you had your surgery?” I told him it was. “How much did you make?”

I had an idea, one that may be common sense to most but for me I was just returning to the fold. It was nearly a year and a half since I checked.

So… I did exactly that. I visited the page and looked at my numbers.

One of my articles, “The 10 Greatest Comic Book Stories of All Time,” had nearly 8,500 hits. I was stunned. I, of course, didn’t make a fortune on the story — $65 or thereabouts — but I literally had left it dormant for the better part of nearly two years. Further, I had nearly 30 more articles on the page, each of which had been slowly but steadily earning.

I had another idea. , I thought. 10 days thereafter, the article showed an increase of over 550 hits.

I checked back at the other stories I had written for Vocal. I recycled and linked them to Facebook and Twitter.

Exponential increases.

I linked another 10 or so articles over the last year on Facebook and Twitter, and then began sharing those articles on Medium and Reddit.

More surprises. I wrote an article about WWE’s failing television ratings. My wife and I then headed out to a play. Before the play began — before I shared with Medium and Reddit — the article had five hits. I checked again four hours later when I returned home.

Nearly 100 more hits in four hours on both Vocal and Medium.

I did the math. Now, again, no one is ever going to get rich writing in this fashion but as both platforms pay one can certainly earn a substantial income.


The method to exponentially increase your numbers is simple. We’ll call it, for the purpose of this article, “Social Maximization”:

  1. Build up your social media daily. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit,, Medium. Join groups. Post for attention and followers.
  2. Post your new story first outside of Medium.
  3. Share that story with all of the above aggregator and social media accounts. Make sure, in the case of Medium, you “import” the article, as anyone who clicks will be led to this page.
  4. Find any other outlets that accept articles, and share there too. Make sure, in all cases, you are linking back to the original article source.
  5. “Re-fashion” and/or expand old Facebook posts as new articles for a given outlet. Vocal is highly effective for look and social media posting.
  6. Do all of the above, watch your numbers, and write more articles.

Vocal is a tremendous site that can earn you a nice passive income monthly. In effect, by sharing Vocal articles on the Medium platform (you cannot do it the other way as Vocal only accepts originals), you are double-dipping. As both sites pay, your income only increases.

P.S. As a last specific example, by following the above techniques — with the first week of the month not yet half over — I am already over 100 percent above in my hits and income than my numbers from the entire month of October.

If you have found this story of value, feel free to recommend, share and follow me here on Medium (and I will follow you back), where I publish new articles daily on a variety of topics.

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Joel Eisenberg is an award-winning author, screenwriter, and producer. The Oscar in the profile pic isn’t his but he’s scheming. WGA and Pen America member.

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