Every now and again, we all need them.

Joel Eisenberg
2 min readJun 4, 2020


From Facebook: The Unbounded Spirit

I’m just stopping by for a minute. Or two.

I hear some of you still have not ventured outside save for essentials.

And some of you have not protested, not because you disagree with the reasons but because you’re scared for your health.

In this environment, I’m reading on social media about mothers and fathers dying and an inability to attend their funerals, about dogs and cats — your only immediate companions — passing over “The Rainbow Bridge.”

I’m reading of heartbreak and terror, of optimism and pessimism, of hope and despair.

Many of you have not hugged your loved ones in months, as those still untested for Covid-19 who are remaining indoors for quarantine do not want to possibly spread the virus to others.

Some of you have expressed longings to hug the peaceful protestors today and tell them you are on their side … but venturing out in that non-distanced crowd is far too intimidating.

Others of you are on the front lines but dare not embrace everyone.

And some of you are grieving today, and need consolation other than words.

To anyone and everyone who relates to any of these descriptions, I’m just stopping by to hold tight, and squeeze.

P.S. I love you and I’m holding you tight but sorry about the chocolate and the six mil. I can’t do it all. :)

I hope this piece caused at least a smile and some comfort that someone understands …

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