I Call Bullshit on Yet Another Medium Article. You May Have Another Opinion.

Seems to me it’s just another misleading Medium fraud. Is it enough already?

Joel Eisenberg
3 min readSep 8, 2022


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Same old, same old.

The following story is purported to have been written by a 12-year-old by the name of Athartha Pandey, who presently has 88 followers on this site:

That’s some good money for 88 followers, but I digress.

I’ll share an excerpt: “Yes, After hours of research and analysis that’s the result I’ve found while nothing can help, there’s still a thing you know and should start following it’s not anything like follow4follow or other rubbish like it. Well, Thanks to Simple Research for such a great article he has published and I am posting this article to spread awareness about it! So, BE WISE and do HARDWORK!”

Okay, maybe the writer is 12.

But then this seemingly canny author links to the Simple Research piece as referenced above:

Note in this second piece, the article is openly identified as “clickbait.”

Here’s an excerpt that explains why (and I’ll give this author kudos for honesty if it’s not the same person), under a section called “The Truth About My Results”:

“They are fake, and I believe many people’s results on here are fake. I’m not accusing all who reveal their earnings of this, but the people who are only here for the money might cheat a bit — I’ll show you how I cheated.”

This second author includes the following edited graphic, and goes on to explain how it was done (which I’ve also posted about in the past):



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