I Was a Severely Introverted Writer Who Developed a Voice: Then What?

Suddenly, real life had to meet the image…

Joel Eisenberg
5 min readApr 21, 2020


This is, what some would call, a “first-class problem.” I get it.

However, for most of my life I’ve been immensely shy. Never dated in high school, had my first date in college, very self-conscious at parties (which I’ve strived to avoid and sometimes still do) and when meeting new people in general …

I became noticed as a writer — with very strong opinions — about a decade ago when I began posting on Facebook, everything from thoughts on movies and television, to social issues and writing … to politics.

Especially politics.

My Facebook exploded. I became a spokesperson of sorts for “the left,” and in 2016 a louder shill still for voting Trump out of office in the next election. Thing is, many on the other side of the fence began avidly reading my page, and my Trump-loathing self became largely known as someone who at the very least tried to listen to other perspectives.

That much is entirely true. I always try.

I must admit it gets harder by the day for me, due in large part to increasing political polarization in this era of Covid-19, but nonetheless.

Following Facebook’s 5000 friend limit and then several thousand “followers” above that came LinkedIn, where I hit their 30,000 connection limit within the year for similar postings.

My Twitter is weak, as is my Instagram, but along with my Goodreads account and others, I’m not at a loss for readers.

Which has been noticed by those with influence.

For whatever reason, professional networking has long come natural to me. Though an element remains (to this day) of feeling awkward when meeting new people, I ran a film finance-related networking group for 10 years.

Prior to that, I was a special education teacher on and off for a decade.

I’d like to believe some substantial life experience had helped me in both of those regards.

I write and produce TV and film for a living, but the reality behind what I do is misleading. I sell a fair amount of original television…



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