If Democracy is Truly Dying, Has the Office of the U.S. Presidency Outlived its Usefulness?

Submitted: A drastic overhaul of the U.S. government will not happen anytime soon, but may well serve several masters.

Joel Eisenberg



Run with me on this one.

Prior to 1789 the United States had no president. As we count down to 2023, has it become time to reconsider our modern-day rules of politics?

Has the office become too big and unwieldy for a single “leader of the free world?” Indeed, should one individual wield so much power?

Was Donald Trump’s presidency healthy for the world, or had he himself repeatedly committed unpardonable acts of treason?

The answer, of course, depends upon who’s being asked. Further, if Joe Biden runs again and wins the popular vote, will claims of voter fraud again run rampant?

Valid meanderings, one and all. How then can one President, in truth, represent all citizens of such a polarized country?

Before we get to possible answers, allow me to acknowledge that this article, with apologies to “Star Trek’s” Kobayashi Maru, is a “no-win scenario.” I will surely be accused of not understanding our past and/or present political system, being ignorant of the Constitution and so forth.

Alas, I am a political junkie who reads and writes frequently on the matter. I am also college educated, a writer and a former teacher.

Moving on by moving back, to 2020…

2020, and Repercussions

During the height of our pandemic, it was announced that former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had tested positive for Covid-19. He was the first world leader to be so diagnosed, and most assuredly not the last.

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been in quarantine for nearly a week upon finding out her doctor had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Then-Prince Charles, now King, had tested positive, as had several U.S. senators, and while not world leaders their test results had only punctuated the indiscriminate nature of that year’s…



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