If You Want to Earn Money Writing on Medium, Don’t Write on Medium For the Money

You are missing the real benefits. I’ve learned some things since I’ve been back.

Joel Eisenberg


Yannick Pulver, Unsplash

A review of three recent Medium articles of mine has inspired the words that will follow.

I was introduced to Medium several years ago, and was pretty hot and heavy on the platform for the ensuing thousand or so days.

My authentic goal was to share my experiences with fellow writers in the hopes of helping them. Early one morning, I took a close look at the amount of sweat equity I was pouring into my pieces. Frankly, the effort was not paying off financially. To the point of the feedback I was consistently receiving, I was still satisfied with the platform but ultimately I figured I could do the same on Facebook without taking the time to write complete articles.

And so I disappeared from this site for over a year. A few months ago, I dipped my toe back in this waters.

And I quickly learned the culture here had changed in the interim.

For clarity, I was turned off by the “get rich quick” pieces that were beginning to proliferate back then. But they were still the minority. When I returned, they appeared to have overtaken the site.

It’s become the Wild West here.

When I was hitting thousands of reads for my articles on writing and pop-culture, those positive responses were for blogs, and not…



Joel Eisenberg

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