I’ll Talk Politics and Gun Control Until You Pry This Keyboard From My Cold Dead Hands.

I’m a writer. I’m a liberal. I take those responsibilities seriously.

Joel Eisenberg


I will warn you upfront. This will be my most self-indulgent (and over-the-top) post of the week.

Awhile back, I received some attention for this article:

It pretty much said it all at the time. Written in response to several friends and family members who worried about my chronic anti-Trump railings on Facebook, I found myself once more having to explain the responsibility of a writer.

As I fancy myself a political commentator alongside my science fiction and horror leanings, I believe I am wholly justified in expressing my thoughts on these matters. My heart tells me that our present U.S. President is tearing the fabric of our society, in part by influencing a lower-grade of global discourse.

Ours has become a culture of meanness. When the most powerful leader in the free world takes to Twitter and FOX News to bully not only his political opponents but also every registered Democrat in the country, he proves he is the President of Some, as opposed to the President of the United States.

He does not represent me.

I will not use this article to continue that beatdown — feel free to check out my Facebook page for those ongoing ramblings — but I will remind you here that, for now, freedom of speech in this country remains our collective privilege.

(If you are inclined to stop by, you can visit my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/joel.eisenberg.77)

To the larger issue at hand … I refuse to be silenced.

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