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I’m a writer; why the hell should I shy away from posting this or any other truth?

“Don’t be political,” they say. “Lay off with these repetitive stories,” I hear over and over. And though I’m extremely sick and tired of it all too, as I’ve said time and again, I won’t stop until this menace is out of office.

From innocent kids in migrant camps to once-allied Kurds, to ISIS members having escaped imprisonment … the blood on Trump’s hands is very real. And, he’s raising a new generation of like-minded toddlers: Children are being brought to Trump rallies, incited by their parents to condemn the media.

Check out items 1–5 in the photo above. Not even a victory — the elimination of ISIS leader Abu Bakr-al-Baghdadi — arrives honestly. The Trump braintrust stages a photo of the mission in progress.

Check out the pensive gazes. Seems serious.

Yet the photo is fake as presented.

I won’t mention Trump’s words at the subsequent press conference. Boasting over Baghdadi’s final moments, when there was no audio, is simply more of the same.

I look forward to a return to decency, when our children converse about “wanting to be President one day.”

For the right reasons, however. As a reminder, grabbing women below the belt (or anywhere) should never set off a presidential campaign.

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