No B.S., No Net, and No Excuses: Strategies I’ve Used to Write Full-Time for a Living

Hint: Work hard, as this transition overflows with risk.

Joel Eisenberg
7 min readMay 9, 2022



I’ve taken the risk, which can be extreme, and have been writing full-time for approximately 17 years now to both success and failure.

As to my highest-profile examples of the latter:

The more you write and sell, the greater the opportunities to succeed beyond your dreams, or fail spectacularly regardless of fault.

However, the degree of the successes have allowed me to continue writing on my terms, travel, buy real estate, and more.

I haven’t had to answer to a boss for nearly two decades.

The failures I have had no choice but to embrace and learn from.

I will not mention dollar amounts I’ve earned in this article, though I have in the past, as far too many writers on this platform straddle a line of b.s. and I prefer not to be placed in that boat.



Joel Eisenberg

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