Over 102,000 Followers on NewsBreak and Money Well-Earned; What Works Here Does Not Work There

However, as I’ve stated many times over, a writer should never work so hard in a creator economy as they do on Medium for minimal pay.

Joel Eisenberg


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I started at zero followers on NewsBreak less than two years ago.

And then there’s Medium, a platform with massive potential we all see, but one that chronically disrespects its contributors.

In the sense of contributor respect, Medium has become a colossal joke. Never before in my years of writing here have I read so many writers (and I’m a paid member) discuss having to work so diligently for minimal pay.

In terms of opportunities for writers to practice their craft, or for marketing purposes, the platform continues to be of some value. I’ll grudgingly acknowledge that much.

But what a farce in terms of valuing writers. I took some of my part-time writing muscle and applied it elsewhere, and I’m doing fine financially. My TV, film and publishing work aside, I’m earning a well-above-average full-time income from NewsBreak alone.

I don’t talk about it; I do it. Nor do I ever discuss my earnings specifically as it would sound like bullshit boasting.

Regardless, persistence tends to help in the financial regard.

So does anger.

I loathe how hard writers work on their stories here and how often they post to finally join a vaunted, informal $100 club.

Are you kidding me? That’s barely three weeks of Starbucks coffee.

I’ll admit to you this much: If I said to you I’m earning 100 times that figure, I’ll also say to you I’m being conservative.

Further, the pieces I post there are not skilled works of art. Again, they’re formulaic, highly-excerpted and scrupulously-attributed articles that take less time to write than my average Medium piece on the craft or business of writing, or about a film.

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Joel Eisenberg

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