Proactive Medium Fixes That Will Help Writers Earn What They’re Worth

A recent article on this topic received a great deal of attention and comment. Consider this a reply based on your feedback.

Joel Eisenberg


If you have yet to read my most-hit (in all senses of the word) Medium article since my return, here it is:

Got it? Digested okay? Good.


First, I would like thank everyone here who took the time to read this piece, and also to comment on it. It received reaction pro and con (as expected), and I read each and every bit of feedback.

Some of you I still have to get back to, and I will.

Regarding my response, this is what I read most frequently on the side that disagreed with me on certain points: I still want to learn how to make money on Medium.

Paraphrasing feedback:

  • ‘Perhaps you see Medium as being overtaken by salespeople and unproven claims because that’s what you write about and what the algorithm feeds you.’

I think there may be truth there, as the vast majority of my articles on this platform, taken as a collective from beginning to end, has focused primarily on pop-culture and… writing.

The writing aspect is the likely bugaboo here. I write about writing, articles about the craft and business thereof appear on my feed, and over 50% of them are primarily solicitations to purchase the usual b.s.: courses, Zoom calls, even T-shirts and pens from self-described “experts” who — you know the rest. My usual rant.

  • ‘Maybe we can have a certain section about earning money on Medium.’

Personally, I can live with that, but my issue is it — again — becomes all-too-frequently intermixed with the usual sales scams.

That said, I believe this idea is adaptable. I’ll get to it.

  • ‘Medium is fine the way it is. Leave it…



Joel Eisenberg

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