To Those Who Continue To Mock Robert Mueller

The so-called “Russian Hoax” will likely once again play out in public during Trump’s impeachment inquiry. This time, the Democrats are better prepared.

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They no longer have all their eggs in one basket, that is.

I’m returning to the Mueller well one more time. This is addressed to those who have gleefully ridden the bandwagon of a “witch hunt” that had found, according to our country’s most notorious cult leader, “no collusion and no obstruction”:

1. The Special Counsel investigation was not of Mueller’s initiate. He was tasked.

2. Robert Mueller was a decorated Marine awarded with a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. Your mocking of him speaks volumes about you.

3. No, Mueller did not exonerate Trump. But nor did he implicate him, apparently due to various issues related to minutia in the governmental bylaws he strived to follow. And yet, you laughed anyway because your friends did? His integrity may well have saved your hero’s presidency. Have you contemplated that much?

4. Considering everyone charged, implicated, having spent or currently spending time in prison as a direct result of the Mueller investigation … you still call this a “witch hunt?” Why?

5. You do know Mueller was tasked with an investigation into Russian meddling, do you not? Donald Trump called more attention to the investigation by obstructing Mueller at every turn and making it solely about himself. An awful lot of defense for someone “innocent,” but nonetheless.

6. Mueller is in his 70s. Point-of-fact, not intended as an ageist statement. You laughed because he may have been a step slower than you?

7. You do know he is a registered Republican, don’t you? You’ve spit on your own in deference to another.

8. Most GOP lawmakers admitted they did not read anything other than William Barr’s summary of Mueller’s lengthy report.

To date, they know about as much as you do.

I was pretty well seething in the aftermath of Mueller’s testimony due to the laughter and the jokes I had seen online. You show that you are totally fine with Russian meddling so long as your cult leader still sits in his chair.

Mine was not mock indignation; it was real anger. What goes around, comes around, however. This coming week’s public impeachment hearings, inevitable White House deflections aside, will most likely draw Russia into the Ukraine controversy.

It won’t be pretty.

Anyone laughing at Robert Mueller today, a dutiful human being who did a job in service for his country to the best of his ability … is truly nothing more than a hapless follower who once again has proven to the world a desperate need to be led through life by a dog leash.

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Joel Eisenberg is an award-winning author, screenwriter, and producer. The Oscar in the profile pic isn’t his but he’s scheming. WGA and Pen America member.

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