Utah School District Bans The Bible Over Accusation of Sexual and Violent Content

The latest book banning controversy was triggered by the complaint of a parent.

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Author’s Note

I should disclose at the outset I am against book banning in any form. As a student of philosophy and culture, I will add I am not religious yet have read two translations of The Holy Bible. Yes, the tome is rife with sex and violence; that much, I believe, is inarguable.

The banning of books — and art by extension, which is largely based on one‘s personal definition — is to me nothing less than an attempted suppression of history, which includes both fiction and nonfiction works most often inspired, at least in part, by matters of the day.

Whether The Bible is the authentic word of God is for others to argue, though I have previously addressed my take on Medium. All I will offer presently in that regard is over centuries of human translation, as it would be with any other work, content is inevitably altered or even changed to the degree of bearing little or no resemblance to its original form.

Now comes word that The Bible, indeed, is the latest book to be banned in the U.S. over content deemed objectionable.

This nonsense is seriously tiresome.

The Bible Ban, 2023

According to a June 1st report from The Salt Lake Tribune, entitled “The Bible is Banned in These Utah Elementary and Middle Schools Now For Vulgarity or Violence,” a parent filed a challenge to have the Bible removed from Davis School District libraries and the school district subsequently allowed a review of the matter.

As excerpted from the report: Now, the committee appointed by the district to review the complaint and decide if the Bible is appropriate for students to access has made its determination: High schools in Davis will keep the religious text on the shelf. But it will be removed from elementary and middle schools for containing “vulgarity or violence.”

It is said “seven or eight” elementary and middle schools from the Davis School District are immediately eliminating The Bible from its classrooms. The action has been…



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