Warning for Medium Writers: Social Media is Cracking Down on Our Posts

Medium post-sharing is increasingly looked upon as spam. Blocks and suspensions from Reddit, Facebook and Quora, to start, are becoming increasingly common.

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There is a price to pay when posting three articles daily on Medium, which is exactly what I had done in January of 2020 as an experiment to increase my output and improve my earnings.

It should be noted I am a writer and producer by trade, but also a former teacher. Much, not all, of what I do here is to inform and help others maximize their freelance writing income.

To that end …

I’ve written articles about the math, and based on my direct deposit last month my estimates have proved correct:

You can indeed determine how much money you will make from Medium, if only you work hard and remain diligent.

Regardless of your intentions, or your caution, however, your shared posts may be considered spam.

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The above image is a screenshot, an action I received when I posted my latest Medium article about writing on the daily threads of various Medium-related Facebook pages.

That same day, I was issued a two-week suspension from Quora:

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The email said “repeated policy violations.” However, I never received an email, neither in any of my inboxes or spam folders, informing me of any other violations.

I visited the Quora site and, indeed, there were notifications sent to me. No explanation to any of them was included, only, “You have been flagged for incorrect posting.”

The same message on each one.

Unless I was looking out for it, I would have had no idea. I don’t generally check my inbox on Quora (I will address this further in a moment), so the suspension — since lifted — came as a surprise.

Regarding Reddit, by and large they are not fans of the Medium platform, frequently considering link sharing from the platform as nothing more than spamming their readers with for-profit blogs.

I’ve received numerous messages from them such as this one in January:

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I contacted the moderator, as advised, but never received a response.

This was from a single post about opiates. I had written what I considered a valuable article on the subject. I had never posted on this Reddit page before … and now I was, dramatically, “permanently banned.”

Social media has caught on.

Though various social media websites have smartened up to Medium sharing, for now you can still beat the system.

If you are an avid sharer of your article links, continue your social media posts but follow these three steps to considerably lessen your risk of being flagged:

  1. Check the inboxes of all your accounts daily. Make sure you are not receiving any notifications that you may be missing.
  2. For Facebook “daily thread” postings on Medium-related pages, add a brief introduction to each post and change the wording of the introduction for every page on which you are sharing. You are not being flagged for the article share itself; you are being flagged for “spamming” as your one-three sentence introduction is the same post after post. For example, yesterday I wrote an article on my favorite “Star Trek” film, “The Wrath of Khan.” I posted the link preceded by “Still my favorite …” on one page, and “The Wrath of Khan is my favorite of all Treks. Here’s why …” on another.
  3. For Reddit, post a share once a day, twice at the most. You will most likely be flagged otherwise, as the site is not at all favorable to this platform, and your posting history is easily reviewed by any member. If you post more, you will likely get away with it for a while, but it will catch up to you and pages will ban you.

So far, news.ycombinator.com, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Mix, other sites upon which I share my articles, have been steady. No issues.

I strongly recommend common sense moving forward. My experiment in January certainly succeeded financially and further, my connections here increased by nearly 800 that month alone.

But how good and effective is any of this if social media blocks your shares?

Be smart. Interact on every site you can and don’t just share your posts. Don’t spam. I’ve been guilty of it without realizing as much even on Facebook-related Medium pages, where I’ve been asked not to flood the daily threads.

If you’re an avid poster here, just use discretion. You can improve your Medium earnings with intelligence as well as output.

Thank you for reading.

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Joel Eisenberg is an award-winning author, screenwriter, and producer. The Oscar in the profile pic isn’t his but he’s scheming. WGA and Pen America member.

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