Writers, Be Bold: Take a Position, Even if it’s Unpopular

Someone needs to express your truth. Why not you?

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Sort of a sexist comment, huh?

Regardless, I’ll simply incorporate “or she” within the second sentence of the quote and we’ll go from there.

Honesty holds no sway to sex.

This recent post incorporates my resolute opinion that all writers must seek and tell the truth — their truth — in their writing:

It is the only way to make a difference.

Here are several other personal examples of Medium articles which exemplify, for me personally, an ongoing, larger quest for challenging long-held perspectives, repercussions be damned:

And, perhaps my most controversial recent post of all …

Did I just promote myself on Medium, in a quest to receive more exposure for some of the above?


I just promoted myself on Medium in a quest to receive more exposure for all of the above.

Truth matters.

So here’s another reality bomb for my readers here, which doubles as a suggestion to the writers reading these words:

You will not be trusted by readers, and you will have a short shelf-life as a writer, if you lie to those who patronize your work.

If you write fiction, express yourself honestly within your creation(s).

Words can change the world for the better, and yet words are also dangerous.

Yes, Salman Rushdie’s words in “The Satanic Verses” were considered so dangerous, he had a fatwa issued against him.

Here’s my honest take on that matter. First-responders (cops, paramedics, firefighters) and our military risk their lives daily.

Most of us pound keys, and Rushdie’s was a rare circumstance.

It’s a hell of a thing — and the odds against it happening are, thankfully, statistically highly favorable — but the truth is throughout history writers and other artists have been censored or, in extreme circumstances, permanently silenced.

But please, if you are going to worry about it, you are in the wrong business.

Try to make a difference in this world with your words, or don’t.

Become a first-responder or join the military … or don’t.

I cannot find it within myself to stress winning the Lotto either. The comparison is if it were to happen and I don’t drop dead of heart failure (dark humor; heart issues run in my family), I’d handle it then.

To conclude …

Thank you for reading this short but sincere piece and always remember, real writers have responsibilities and words are weapons.

Be smart, not reckless, and yet always express yourself honestly.

This effort is only a juggling act if you allow it to be.

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Joel Eisenberg is an award-winning author, screenwriter, and producer. The Oscar in the profile pic isn’t his but he’s scheming. WGA and Pen America member.

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