How to Leverage Content Mills and Social Media For Legitimate Writing Opportunities

Once again, the money (or glory?) you seek will most likely not emanate from the quantity of your work, but how prudently you wield it.

Joel Eisenberg


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I sense I’ll be only partially successful in my goal to no longer mention “Medium” in my posts here...

Okay, I failed already but the decision was deliberate so as to continue on a theme: This very platform can springboard your career, but you must develop strategies to get there.

If you believe I’m a hypocrite, you’re entitled; regardless, understand this article is not about Medium.

Also note: “Get rich quick” schemes do not exist in this dojo.

Last week, I posted the following article on this platform:

I’ll share a relevant excerpt if you prefer not to read the entire piece: Writing will lead to more writing. Your craft will improve. Your opportunities will increase. You will be noticed. Over the years, I have attained several professional opportunities due to my work on this platform, including two television sales. Write, and write some more. Experiment with other content sites; watch as your income increases with your consistency.

Many of my followers, on social media and NewsBreak as examples, also follow me here. Currently, not a month goes by where I’m not solicited for a writing or speaking assignment directly caused by my honest work on Medium.

I meant every word, as I always do, though talk is cheap.

It’s now time to elaborate, with specifics.

I would strongly advise the following points be closely adhered to, in as much as possible, based on your personal situation (available time, decisiveness, etc.) prior to any formal engagement:

  1. Ask yourself first, “What do I want?”



Joel Eisenberg

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